Hide all unused note lines?

I wonder if it’s worth a feature request:
would it be handy to toggle “hide all unused note lines” of the pad matrix by 2ND + MENU ENCODER click in Step mode?
I guess e.g editing just some notes in a chord would be easier.
Or would it only be more confusing?


I suggested this to Squarp very early on when I got my Hapax. It is called Fold in Ableton. Would be great if they would add this feature to the Hapax!

I do this in bitwig, probably not what firmware developers want to hear :slight_smile:

I requested this whilst beta testing.
I think both the fold mode and also the way ableton does the scale ui , could really be adapted really well in the hapax …

Of course , these need better labelling of notes , and related, I also think a keyboard ‘illustration’ on the piano roll would help give context when scrolling around ( it was there on the pyramid !)

I think small displays are difficult to get right , but definitely folding would help make better use of space

Anyway post on the contact form, the more that ask, the more likely it’ll happen :wink:


I think it would be a nice feature to have for easier editing of spread-out notes.

It is not at the top of my list, but absolutely a solid idea.

Done! In addition with my personal vision:

toggle “hide all unused note rows” of the pad matrix e.g by pressing 2ND + MENU ENCODER.

To mark this mode: the bottom row of the matrix could stay empty (as the top row stays empty in pSCALE mode).
From second bottom row upwards the filled note rows could stack as they would in tetris. :slight_smile:

Greetings, Michael

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