Hi hat rolls/general retriggering?

I’m a recent owner of the Pyramid and so far I’ve been loving it. Today I was sequencing some drums and wanted to do some hi hat rolls but could not figure out how to accomplish this. Given everything else it can do, it seems like it should be able to do it but I can’t find any information on it. Is this crucial feature missing or am I just a rube? Thanks!

Hey there!

The live mode “Repeat smartpads” is great for that!
Depending on the case, I also use the Delay MIDI FX and some automation on the FX parameters.
Top all that with some Swing MIDI FX and its instant gold.

Hope this helps :wink:


Also, you can use zoom to get a more detailed grid to place your trigs on, if you don’t want to use the live mode. :slight_smile:


hurm. that’s cool but only Repeat Pads in Live mode? or can you use them to program steps in Step mode?

You can record the repeats by turning on record. They will record as individual notes.

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cool. buuuuut… i mostly do better sequencing drums than recording. i’ll try that though. thanks!

murrrrr. but you can’t zoom in more than x16 so if the repeats go faster than the zoom shows, how would one move them around?

lol. of course, since the bpm goes up to A THOUSAND, not too hard to set it at twice the real tempo i guess.

Id use the arp or delay fx (as @joosep pointed out already) ,
enable it when you want roll, disable when you don’t.
the cool thing about using fx, is you can get all sorts of variations using swing, chance, humaniser

if you want finer control, you can then consolidate the track

also remember all you need to do is to have one ‘roll’ as you want it, put it on a temporary track, then you can cut n’ paste it to another track (zoom’d out so you only have to cut n’ paste one step)

for me the pyramid is about thinking laterally/creatively…


Another option is to add extra Events to your Tracks, then Mute those events with [2nd]+Pad. Then you can use Global Mute Probability assigned to either a MIDI CC (if you use external control of the Pyramid) or an onboard encoder or the trackpad to increase the % chance those “muted” notes will play.


these are all really good suggestions, and have been having fun with the Smart Pads as retrigs. i appreciate all the suggestions and look forward to exploring them while i learn the Pyramid.

buuuuut i also really wish there was an Elektron style ratcher/retrig whilst programming. it’s good there’s work arounds and a Live solution, but a streamlined step option you could map to one of the 5 Whatevah Knobs? yes. yes PLEASE.

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You might also pgm that into your synth patch triggered via MIDI CC that is controlled via an encoder on the Pyramid.

I think romplers at least tend to have a specific retrig parameter. You can often emulate the same with being able to retrig envelopes or possibly with LFOs

To overgeneralise: Elektron boxes are control plus sound generation. Pyramid is only control. what that control manifests is specific to your sound generation device, so keep an eye on what you can do in your synth patches. There can be great power and flexibility there


Awesome. Thanks for the suggestion.

I know this thread is ancient, but I had to let everyone know that the live mode retrig pads saved the day. I was working with a sequence on the Digitone of all things, and I discovered… THERE IS NO RETRIG IN THE DIGITONE!

Ah… Okay, so my first elektron gear was the Model Samples. So my next thing was "We’ll just double the tempo and then I’ll set the track to a different ratio from the rest.


However, the pyramid was able to handle retrigs just fine. Now if only it could parameter lock directly on the DN…

oh this is a really cool idea. I wish I had thought of it. :: stealing ::