Hi guys noob at the helm.scratching head

cana get to record midi in reason 11 from the pyramid i can get it to trigger the vst. but when it comes to laying down the midi in reason. it wont recieve any notes to record.
reason will sync and trigger just wont record data
not sure where im going wrong.
deos any one else use reason 11
and hi from the u.k

Sorry that you are scratching your head and that it seems that no one has an answer for you yet. Since the Pyramid is able to send clock and trigger VSTs on your rig indicates that the Pyramid communication path is sound, but it maybe be a Reason…reason…that things aren’t working as expected.

In that respect, unless you find a resolution on your own or in a Reason oriented forum, here you might have to wait until someone who uses Reason to chime in.

Until then, I’m responding so you don’t feel like you’re screaming into the void.
…and it also bumps your post to the top. :wink:


cheers dude

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