Hey guys, is there a way you can record one track at a time using mulitrack bank while monitoring the other tracks?

In my project we are 3 playing different synths module at the same time (with midi controllers), so we need multitrack mode to monitor, but sometimes we need to loop only one instrument…
(Is there something like the rec arm function of ableton live?)
I think i can use my mpc 2000xl to route my midi signal and chose what is entering on the pyramid and what is being send to the synths “directly” if i plug the mpc between the midi boxes and the pyramid, but i guess if there isn’t a esier way tha i can do that withou using the sequencer of the mpc


Synth out/midi controller out => midi merger => squarp pyramid in

Squarp pyramid out => midi thru => synths in

a) solo/mute
solo the track you want to record (or I guess mute tracks you dont want to record)
pyramid will still pass thru midi on unsolo’d tracks, but will not record on them

this allows you to choose dynamically what to record

only drawback is that it will mute other loops you may have recorded,
this be alleviated by copying loops to another bank… (though that has some issues)

b) use midi thru on pyramid
put the synth(s) you want to record on midi A, and the others on B,
set midi B to midi thru
setup tracks for synths on midi A

pretty similar to using a midi thru hardware box.

theres probably other ways, but those are the ones that spring to mind for me…
in practice , Id probably do a combination of (a) in conjunction with an external midi hub that would take care of things i dont ‘want to see’ in the pyramid…