hermodOS 1.70 - new Firmware

Hey y’all !

We’re happy to announce the release of hermodOS 1.70 !

This major upgrade brings along some new features, a few bugfixes, and some optimisations.
To name a few things:

  • Double/half track length
  • Global mute
  • Clear/Randomize step selection

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Can you please un-“fix” this? It’s a feature that I use constantly, and I rely on it! Or at the very least, make an option to keep the current 1.6x behavior?

Emptying a track does not unmute it anymore

To explain further, if I want to record a new loop into a track I had previously muted and hear it play immediately, with 1.61, I don’t even have to think, I can just do this:

  1. Select the track with Track+Num
  2. Clear existing events with Step+X
  3. Record the new loop (without thinking about whether it may have been muted or not)
  4. Hear it play immediately

With this change (I haven’t tried it yet), if I’m in Step mode, I’d have to

  1. Select the track with Track+Num (noting if it’s muted)
  2. Clear existing events with Step+X
  3. If the track wasn’t muted, skip to step 5. Otherwise, enter track mode
  4. Unmute the track
  5. Record the new loop
  6. Hear it play immediately

Is there any way to do this that takes less steps?

Also, I’ve never wanted to record into a muted track - is that a common request?

I’m sorry this breaking change is disturbing your workflow, but I’m afraid it was necessary.
We’ve had to weigh the pros and cons, and decided this workflow change was a small price to pay for other users to be able to use the machine to its full extent.

is that a common request?

Yes, hence this change. It is very common among live performers

at the very least, make an option to keep the current 1.6x behavior?

I’ll file a report on this.

Btw, an alternative workflow could be to unmute the track and hard-rec into it.

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Can I hard-rec with CV control? I currently use a foot pedal connected to a CV module to trigger recording on Hermod.

Amazing, thanks!

As we discussed, I’m hoping a setting can be implemented for selecting which mute action is primary (no encoder press needed) and which is secondary (press encoder to reach it).

The reason is I would never use the “old”/l"local" mute (but it seems others enjoy it), but the new/global mute is something I’ve been longing for since I got the hermod :slight_smile:

Track length setting with encoder pushed in are broken. Hermod is adding an entire step while also incrementing the sub steps. Was there anyone beta testing this? Seems like an obvious use case. Submitting a bug report now.