HermodOS 1.60 | Modulation pattern question

Hi everyone, I have a couple of problems with modulation tracks.
1.After I set a track as modulation, i press the pads at the position to add events and scroll the encoder to choose the event value and everything works great. But after saving the project, when I reopen it the modulation track no longer shows modulation events (while gate events remain displayed) even though modulation actually works.
2.Always in modulation tracks, it is not possible to manually add modulation to pad 1 if pad 2 is not active

Thanks for any feedback you can give

Just downloaded HermodOS 1.61, but problems still here, I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong.

Hi @drogpo,

That’s very strange… Sounds like a bug.
Could you send over your project files through the contact form below, please ?

I’ll take a look at them in detail, as I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue by just messing around in mod tracks.

Sent, than you!

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