Hermod won't register after calibrate


I am contacting you because the CV calibration does not want to register. I turn on the module by pressing REC, I change the height of the voltage to +1 for example, and when I press X, I go back to the main menu but the changes are not saved … have tried 20 times with different options, I installed several drivers but nothing works …
What can I do ?
I am currently on the 1.71 driver

Thank you for your help

hmm, Ive not done this for a while - but it used to work
(but honestly, I don’t want to screw around with my calibration to test it now … sorry)

as you say, you just exit with X and it saves it…
I do remember some issue at some point with saving…
I think Squarp told me to remove the calibration file that sits on the sdcard and try again…
BUT I may be wrong, so make sure you back it up first!

honestly, Id contact Squarp via the [contact page](https://squarp.net/contact] on their webpage, and ask them what you can try.

let us now if you find something out.

Thank you for your reply ! I was wondering if I could reset the sd card, and re-download the different data somewhere?


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