Hermod users - happy?


Hermod is wonderful in concept. The interface and general usability is intuitive and produces results quickly. I haven’t really been disappointed as far as it’s feature set is concerned. This thing does a lot of things very well and it’s flexibility is hard to find in euro.

While 1.1 does stabilize the unit quite a bit, I am not out of the woods as far as bugs are concerned. I have had bugs destroy hours of work that was unsaved at the time a crash occured. If this scenario terrifies you, I would wait to pull the trigger until the small user base unanimously confirms all bugs are gone. I have been a user since May and have seen this module come a long way, but I would be hesitant to use it in a performance in its current incarnation.


No, it’s more people looking for a sequencer seem to think that a sequencer should do everything that they can think of, and if it doesn’t, there shouldn’t be any issue grabbing a shoehorn and forcing a new major function into a what was considered a finished product. What is a “contemporary sequencer”? Is it a DAW based sequencer? I don’t understand why
every sequencer needs to be a workstation.


I fully agree to your comment on how Hermod works with keyboards. If you are a keyboard player, there is no other solution for quickly recording musical patterns. Hermod’s approach of being a fully polyphonic recorder with various options what to do with it is unique and great.
When using the MIDI effects in creative ways, Hermod is also great at creating generative musical patterns, I do this a lot.
As Hermod is a young product, there are some issues. Most of the “issues” reported can be fixed with firmware updates. It is nice to see that Squarp does listen to its customers and goes beyond “bug fixes”.
Hermod is conceptually very different from other sequencers. Certain users seem to struggle with this, and many “issues” raised in this forum are due to misunderstadings. For Squarp this means that they should work on documentation and especially tutorials. What is currently available does not to justice to the potential of Hermod at all. To me, it looks like Squarp is not a markting-driven company, which is good news. There are too many “companies” out selling obviously flawed modules with “great” videos.
Short answer: yes, happy.


What a lot of people don’t understand that there are different sequencer concepts out there, which each have their strengths but cannot be merged into a single module. I use Hermod a lot. But sometimes, I use my two independent 8-step sequencers or then turn CVs coming from all sorts of sources into musical lines using a simple quantizer. Many times, I actually combine Hermod with one of these alternative approaches or do all of it. Hermods CV/gate in functionality is important for integrating it. Much more can be done with it that just recoding/reset/start/stop.


I just posted my workflow with Hermod and Ableton here:


yes overall very happy to have so much in such little package, to the point that I own 3 of them, I how ever wish you were able to mute steps like in the eloquencer for example, but hey cant have it all, my next purchase is going to be a pyramid since I maxed out my hermods


Cheers for the reply, that’s how I see it too. Different seq’s for different jobs, not one to rule them all. Jack of all trades; master of none…