Hermod skipping/delaying gates

I’m having a lot of trouble with a very specific bug…

I have a project set up with 6 sequences. The first four sequences each have three tracks, and the fifth sequence introduces a fourth track. 32 steps, 6x zoom.

The problem is, after queuing up that fifth sequence while the project is playing, Hermod refuses to send the gate from that fourth track until about halfway through the sequence (I have a gate set on the first beat of the sequence in track 4). The weird part is, it works fine only if I make the track 8 steps or less. Anything beyond that and it misses the gate on the downbeat every time. The other weird thing is that if I manually press play on that fifth sequence, it works fine.

I also tried moving it from track 4 to track 5, and even moving the entire sequence to another slot, but it’s the same problem. It’s like there’s something in the set of gates I’ve put in the track that’s causing the bug. I’m not having trouble with any other sequences at all up until this point.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this issue - anybody else ever experience something like this?