Hermod "shortcuts"

Hey, I’m wondering if there are any Hermod key combo shortcuts?

I was mainly trying to figure out if there is a way when in Sequence mode to toggle tracks on/off? I was hoping to be able to hold the “TRACK” and press a number to perform this without leaving sequence mode, but unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work, I have to go into track mode to perform the mute/unmute then back into sequence mode.

Also wondering if there are any undocumented shortcuts or key combinations. I wasn’t able to find anything via search, so maybe they just don’t exist, just thought I’d ask.

many combos where added for the new features in the firmware upgrades, check the changelogs. for muting a track you need to go into the tracks page, there aint any other way, not even with midi cc

Darn, that’s disappointing, but thanks!