Hermod+ Scale Effect Transpose buggy

I have the scale effect on a notes track, and sending a very slow clocked (like /32) CV value of a range between +3 to +12 to transpose the sequence every 16 steps. About every other transpose it is very glitchy doing the transpose. While almost like a ratchet effect (kinda cool) but not what I was trying to accomplish. So we need smooth transpose to happen with the scale effect at all times.

Ok and a little more info on this, the scale effect seems to be a little more buggy with the CV inputs. If I have the Modmatrix set to CVB and transpose on the Scale effect, then unplug the jack from CVB the gates from the effected track get all wonky. If I plug the CV back in it goes back to normal.If I change the mod to another unused CV Input while set to transpose it does the same thing. So it appears the Scale effect does not like to be set to transpose with an empty CV input assigned.