Hermod questions before I buy one - mostly time related

I’m considering getting a Hermod, 1) to be able to play sequences from a keyboard and 2) to be able to control midi gear polyphonically. I’ve been reading the manual(s), but certain things are not clear, basically I’m mostly worried about if Hermod will handle odd meters well, so not 4/4 with 16 steps to the bar. I’m pretty sure that having one in front of me, I would be able to answer these questions within the first hour or so, but I’d obviously rather not buy one, just to find out it won’t do what I need.


  1. Which lengths are available for pattern length? Is it any number like say 59?
  2. How well does Hermod handle switching from one pattern to another if patterns are odd lengths? How about if patterns are of different lengths, like say one pattern with 7 steps and one with 11 steps?
  3. Is it possible to have odd divisions of beats, for instance quintuplets (16 16th notes per quarter note)?
  4. Is it possible to edit unquantized, off the grid recordings, can any note in an unquantized recording be selected for editing?
  5. Is it possible to “nudge” unquantized notes shifting them to play a little earlier or a little later? If so, what’s the resolution?
  6. Is it possible to destructively apply quantize to a recording so that the notes are actually moved in the stored pattern, or it all quantization non-destructive through the quantize filter?
  1. tracks can be different lengths, and can be odd (cant remember max off-hand)
  2. you can choose when to switch e.g. ‘full’ will wait for all patterns to come to end, or immediate etc
  3. you can have various divisions but all are divisible by 2 … e.g. cannot have triplets (afaik)
  4. its pretty ‘high resolution’ … if you zoom in, but its quantised
  5. no
  6. I dont think so, there is no equiv. of pyramids ‘consolidate’

Hermod is not as flexible in terms of polyrythms, its more polymeters
really if you want lots of flexibility in this area you are better off with the pyramid.

It seems the hermod won’t let me do what I want. However if if was possible to have the tempo super fast, like 1000 bpm (it seems current max is 250), I could use the current steps (beats, aka quarter notes) as sub divisions and all would be swell (assuming bugs I hear is still there, like first note after change (or something like that) was fixed).

Any chance this could happen? Where do I post this request?



Hi again!

I spoke with support and 1000 bpm seems to taxing on the CPU.

Here are some examples of tracks I did in the past, I’d appreciate if someone here would chime in and asses if these would be possible to sequence from Hermod at it’s current state…

  1. one part is in 7/4 the other part is in 11/4 (simple sub division: 4 16th notes to each beat=quarter note): https://a773.bandcamp.com/track/7-steps-to-eleven

  2. time signature is 15/8 throughout: https://a773.bandcamp.com/track/younger

  3. time signature is 4/4 but there each beat is divided into 5 steps (quintuplets), like 20/16 or 10/8: https://a773.bandcamp.com/track/steps-baby

Thanks in advance for any input!