Hermod/pyramid compatability

Can hermod files saved to micro SD beopened in pyramid? Considering getting the mk iii. Thanks in advance

I believe this is unlikely, as both devices have different features and possibly a different file structure.

Also, the SD Card for the Hermod is behind the device I believe - requiring you to remove the device from the rack case to access it. (Note: I don’t Hermod, so this is just my understanding)

However, the data is the same (MIDI Events) in that you can just send the output from the Hermod to the Pyramid and just hit record.

This is my best guess based on available information and my current understanding as a regular Pyramid user. YMMV Someone who has both devices might be able to offer a deeper & more valuable insight, however.

the project files are incompatible between the hermod/pyramid, and Hermod does not save midi files.

also, the sequencers are quite different really, and have different capabilities.

how do you plan to use the two?
honestly, most of the time, I tend to use the Pyramid (as its handy on the desk), and use the hermod as midi->cv->midi interface .
OR, I use the hermod completely standalone in a rack, when I don’t want/need all that the pyramid has to offer.

but Id never considered them ‘interchangeable’ in any way.

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