Hermod not working with a USB hub?

Has anyone had any luck using Hermod with a USB hub?

I cannot get my Hermod to receive any MIDI through a hub. I have tried several different hubs, both powered and unpowered (they all work fine with other MIDI gear), and I have tried several different keyboards (they all work fine with Hermod connected directly to Hermod’s HOST, but not through a hub).



I spent some of this morning connecting all different types of controllers and various hubs to see how well the Hermod works with others, and it’s all working beautifully apart from the old USB hub. I’ve been really delighted with how much fun it is to use Hermod with all kinds of controller devices (keystep, kordbot, nanokontrol, octatrack, SH-01A snapped into a K25M, and of course the Pyramid.)

Connecting controllers directly to the USB Host input works perfectly
Connecting the Hermod as a USB device works correctly.
Midi hubs and breakouts also work perfectly.
USB hubs do not appear to pass any data (although they do pass power.)

When connecting the Hermod to a powered USB hub, and then connecting the controller into the hub produces no results.

Thinking this trough I believe that the USB hub is really a sort of un patched patch bay. And thus the hub itself is creating available connections, awaiting software to instruct what to do with the connections.

To test this with the Hermod I would need one of those old school USB 1.0 (flat standard USB to USB cables) and while I used to have a box of them around here somewhere, that particular cable appears to have gone extinct.

I think that for Hermod to operate by way of a hub without a computer, somehow there would need to be some sort of routing component, with a computer, I suspect with the correct cables, and software settings it wound’t be hard to test and see.

Anyone got a hub, and a standard old school USB cable?
I’d love to see if that works.