Hermod Not Triggering Notes Always - See Video

This may be related to issues noted in the forum before about notes not re-triggering.

Here is an example where I am sending a MIDI note from Ableton into Hermod (via USB) and you can see that if the note starts and ends for the the full bar, the note does not get triggered again.

The work around is to shorten the note by a tiny amount or move it from the start position ever so slightly late.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? If not, please can this be amended so that I can make accurate and meaningful musical compositions.


Thank you!

Hi @bitbin
Thanks for your message and your video!
It’s not really an issue: Hermod (that follow the CV/GATE “standard”) does not retrig the gate when notes are closely following each other. This is why, when you send a note covering all the space with Ableton, the note is not retrigged. But we plan to add an option to make all new note received (or recorded) to force the retrig of the gate.


Good to ear you’re going to address this because it is obviously still an issue.