Hermod mounting slot locations are wrong

The doepfer distance from the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole center to center is 122.5mm. My hermod measures 121.5 center of slot to slot. I built my own case, which granted isn’t the best design. It is however 20u x 150hp, filled to the brim with multiple modules from multiple manufacturers. All with no alignment issues.

My point is, a full 1mm doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s enough that I can’t mount this module with out tearing up my screws (& slots of hermod) as they rub tightly together. And in some rows I can only mount the hermod corner to corner, skewing the module to correct for the incorrect slot locations.

I’d hate to take a pencil grinder to these slots. And I’d gladly buy a new panel for this module if I knew Squarp manufactured the slots on center.

I can’t be the only one here am I?

I can’t say I’ve seen anyone reporting issues with mounting.
(searched forum here too… and nothing cropped up)

Personally, I’ve mounted mine (numerous times :rofl: ) in 3 different cases (including one diy) and didn’t have any issues whilst mounting - of course, could be my cases have a bit more tolerance… if I look across my racks, I can see many panels are not quite the same size - eurorack is not known for its precision :wink:

You’ll have to contact Squarp via the contact form, as they’ll know tolerances etc, they’ll be able to help you determine if another panel will help or not, and generally help you resolve the issue.

Yeah I don’t mean to gripe, it’s just the first module that I ever had this kind of problem with. I would have certainly guessed it to be my case, and I’m sure there’s probably some spots that are on the high end of the doepfer tolerance with my case.

However just for shit’s and giggles I decided to throw a pair of calipers on the Hermod and noticed the discrepancy. As far as fits and forms go, yeah I’m probably on the high side of the doepfer tolerance, but the Hermod slot center to slot center is not the 121.5mm as it should be. However the Hermod have larger slots than most and this probably accommodates rails that are dead center. Also if users are using 2, or 2.5 mm screws will also help their fit, whereas I’m using 3mm screws. It all tightens my tolerances down in the long run.

I guess I’m just curious why thy chose not to put their slots on center.

yes hermod slots are slightly narrower then they should be on the vertical axis. i personally didn’t care as the rails of my case can be slightly inclined to further reduce this imprecision. even then i had to rip hermod slots through with screws, which is not a problem for me as i don’t care for rack rash, and the ripped slots are covered anyway with the screws when mounted. i use 3mm knurlies. I know a lot of people care for rack rash and stuff, in that case maybe try using nylon screws to avoid ruining the metal of the panel

yeah, I personally wish all modules had larger slots, to allow for some extra tolerance.
(hermod is better than some, e.g. MI who only put in a single hole the size of the screw)

who knows?
it could be down to manufacturing tolerances ( of thier supplier)
thats why I said check with them, that way you would know if another panel is likely to be any different.

perhaps if there is a slight variation, squarp can find one that is closer to your requirements.

really, not sure there is anything more that can be done.
(other than you make the slot slightly bigger)

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