Hermod - Map different notes on same midi channel to separate trigger outputs

Is there any way to do this? I have an old midi-enabled drumkit I’d like to set up with the Hermod, but I think it outputs the same MIDI channel, just different note values for each pad. I’d like each pad to trigger a different trigger output, not different pitches on the same output.

so basically you want different midi notes (on same midi channel) to trigger different tracks?

if so, yes

look at MIDI module

min/max note allows you to filter by midi notes

set all tracks to midi channel 1
track 1 - midi min/mix= 48
track 2 - midi min/mix= 49
track 3 - midi min/mix= 50
track 4 - midi min/mix= 51

the only shame here, is that whilst this works the CV output value is not interesting, since its still pitch.
it would be nice if you could say, cv should be velocity instead.

but if you want that, you’ll need to send a feature request to squarp :slight_smile:

Thanks, that would work. Would be cool if you could have the CV output as Velocity though!

yeah, I was thinking that too… generally it would be useful for percussion
(even if you use midi channels to differentiate between tracks)

as I say, something to perhaps send to Squarp.

this would work well with Rample too, since it has cv1-4 (as well as gate 1-4)

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