Hermod locks up when Octatrack sends transport signal

I’m trying to integrate Hermod with Octatrack. I want to be able to clock sync the two devices so I can have each running with its own sequence (but, like, tempo synced). That should be easy, right? I’m running into all sorts of problems.

If Octatrack is master clock (Hermod set to Clock = MIDI In), and OT is set to send transport controls (play/stop), the Hermod locks up and needs to be rebooted as soon as I try to switch sequences on the Hermod. If OT is set to NOT send trasnport controls, I can’t get Hermod to start playing. I even tried using the new CV transport functions on Hermod to get it started when OT is master clock but not sending transport, BUT unfortunately, those CV transport featuers seem to only work when Clock = Internal.


I also encountered this sort of problems , usually a power down and up of the system sorts it , if not unplug and plug the midi cable.

You’re best bet here is to file a bug report via the contact form on the Squarp website. I’m n my experience they are very fast to respond and if it’s a bug they can hopefully fix it in a future update.