Hermod & Keystep - Changing Pitch in Sequences

Hey! I want to change the pitch values within a sequence with my Keystep in Step mode. I found out that i have to delete the step first, long press the step again and press a note key on my keystep. is this the behavior the Developers want us to change the pitch with an external keyboard in step mode? why i just cant long press the actual step press the wanted key and its changed? because this is not working for me or i do something wrong here ?

Thanks for help/explanation

Iā€™d assume because tracks are polyphonic, so it has no idea if you want to add a note or replace it.

Yes I know you tell it how many voices per track, so it could change behavior if only one voice - so I guess you could ask for this as a feature request.


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Thanks. I have sent a Copy of my post to the admin and squarp contact Mail