Hermod in Slave (midi clock) how to restart?

Hi guys,

another one if Hermod is clockwise in slave but I realized that something is wrong and I would love to stop it and restart it without restarting the master clock, is this somehow possible? like pause and restart?

Atm hermod is not stoppable in slave, I realized it especially in jam sessions for example when you have multiple things running, that it is pretty annoying to stop it :slight_smile:

Would be fantastic if you have a work around

no, transport buttons don’t work when its slaved since transport is always slaved (unlike pyramid, where its optional)

for me this is not really an issue, since id always want the sequencer to by in sync with the rest of my setup… i.e. just pressing play on the hermod would not sync to the ‘1’

but I can see if you’re only interested in clock and not transport thats perhaps not the case.
you could send squarp a feature request to : https://squarp.net/contact

let them know what you’d like and what the use-case is… (i.e. why is it useful)