Hermod gate problems

I have some bugs using Hermod : very often, the gate output of a track stop working (for exemple, when I drop a new effect like scale or arpeggiator…). Impossible to get it worked back by anyway, I have to turn off the module and on… very very annoying.

Besides, when the gate of a note isn’t finish yet (lengh) and a new note appears, there is no trigger for the last one… Which is very awkward when the layout is set to Mono… there should be option for a gate for any new note, regarding less the lenght of the previous one…

Have you experimented the same problem ?

I was only experiencing this problem (or something similar) when using the Octatrack as my controller.
I spent the morning a couple of days ago trying different methods of sending midi through Hermod into the modular.

The Roland SH-01A was particularly good as a midi to CV controller.
As was the Arturia Keystep

These both worked great with MIDI and also with CV/Gate.
The Isla KordBot also worked well, and the Korg SQ-1 was also great.

However, the Octatrack was not paying beyond the first note. It was all a muddle and a drone regardless of the note (gate) length.
I talked with Squarp, and also with Elektron about it, and it turns out that certain sequencers send a note off value of 0 or 64 as velocity.
This was mixing things up in the Hermod.

As of Firmware v 1.01 this problem has been completely solved for me.

I am hoping it is the same issue for you.

  1. Try a different input device?
  2. Update to 1.01
  3. Take a look at your device settings - how is the gate/envelope set?
  4. Look at the Hermod sequence itself and make sure the gate lengths are not overlapping. Ie: zoom way out and make a series of 1/8 notes so you know that the voltage coming from Hermod isn’t the issue.

Lots to do. I hope some of this helps.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

Actually, Hermod wasn’t controlled by anything when the bugs occured (internal clock). Since the update, it seems better though :slight_smile:

I just found an other issue while recording some cv/gate from a Beatstep pro : sometimes, the recorded note seems to be played 3-4 octaves lower than it’s real value. Let’s say I recorded C4 - E4 - G4, my Hermod will play : C1 - E4 - G4. Very strange and not automatic. I’ll try to make a demo of this if I can reproduce it. Did you also notice some pitch drop on a sequence after recorded it ?

Well, after a day testing, no more gates problems ! Wouhou :slight_smile:

Besides, no more “sub notes” problem using a keystep in USB to live recording. Maybe some troubles appear only when using CV/gate recording (beatstep pro) ? I’ll try CV/gate recording tomorrow again with other sequencers.

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Excellent! Since the update I haven’t had any troubles either. It’s working great!

I am having the same issue with 1.01 firmware after I dropped different midi effects. It skips 2-3 gates and then fires a gate… Can’t get a clue what’s wrong. I am not using any midi controllers, just playing midi clip from Ableton

Here is hermod skipping gates:

[video removed]

Just as a thought:

Try shortening those gates.
Cut the length in half and lets see if that doesn’t bring the bleeps to life?

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Perhaps change the midi delay of Live globally or for that Midi track and see if things get aligned since you are basically operating with 2 different clocks that have to sync but doesn’t “slave” altogether as far as I reckon

Did you try shorter the gates as Sunshine told you ? It seems it can be the pb here. When two notes are too close, Hermod seems so skip gates (or tie the notes, dont know exactly), which is a bit annoying… That’s why I requested the option to generate a gate even when the notes are overlapping.

In Live, you can use the Note Length midi effect to shorter every notes at once, without further programming into the piano roll.

Another thought is to be sure you have updated to 1.01
I noticed using Elektron’s mighty Octatrack as an input sequencer that the way Elektron do note off is a little different than most - sends a velocity of either 0 or 64 - and that was screwing up Hermod in this same way.
The 1.01 update has absolutely solved this hassle, and now it’s working perfectly.

I am not sure how Live does it, so it’s worth a try shortening the gates, and making the update.

The issue has been completely resolved by shortening each step length.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know!