Hermod double triggering Midi Notes


I have a Problem with my Midi Routing and try to explain as best as i can:

I connect my polyphonic synths to Hermod, with a dedicated Midi in channel per track. Lets say my Hydrasynth reacts to track 1, and Track 1 reacts to incoming Midi on Ch. 1 (active track is off). als long as the selected track is any other than 1 everything works fine, but if i select track 1 (which i want to record for example) i hear phasing due to doubling midi events on the same note.
On the Hydrasynth i turned Local off, of course. And i have the same Problem with my nord lead 4, also local off.
I even tried a different midi keyboard for playing the hydra live in this setting and the same happens, so it has to be a problem coming for hermod i think.
The easiest explaination would be that track 1 midi in ist set to ch1 and active track midi in is also set to ch 1, but active track is set to off, so i really dont get whats wrong here.

If i use the ‘active track’ feature, its all good, if i select track 1 it works perfectly and if i select any other track i hear nothing, just as i set it up.

Is there something im overlooking, or could it be a bug?

Any help is highly aprecciated! Thanks in advance!

I vaguely remember having a similar issue at some point… (not that long ago) - but I thought, it was fixed by a firmware update ?! (*)

are you on the latest firmware release… if not then thats the first step :slight_smile:

if you are then report it to Squarp via the contact form.

(*) I have to say my recollection is a bit vague…
I remember something about it only doing it on the track that was currently selected … but cant remember the exact situation e.g. if i was using midi out at the time - or if I got around to report it to Squarp (hence why I recommend you report it)

Thank you! yes im on the latest firmware (1.61), I’ll contact squarp then and post the results here :slight_smile:

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Squarp fixed the Issue with the lastest 1.70 OS :slight_smile:

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