Hermod + Digitone (or Digitakt) over USB

I’ve seen a few questions related to mine, but no answers. I’m trying to get an Elektron Digitone communicating with my Hermod over USB. I updated the Hermod to OS 1.3 and the Digitone is at OS 1.20 (which is the latest).

I’ve plugged the Digitone into the USB host port on the Hermod, but nothing seems to get through. My Arturia Keystep and OP-1 communicate with the Hermod just fine over USB. Furthermore, unplugging the Digitone freezes the Hermod, which requires a reboot.

Has anyone else had success (or failure) with this combo?

Ok I just read this in the manual:

Please note that Hermod is not compatible with high-speed USB devices, such as Elektron Digitakt, but it’s always possible to use Hermod midi input/output to connect that kind of instrument.Moreover, Hermod is not compatible with USB hubs, so you can’t connect more than one USB device on the USB host port.


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