Hermod CV outs not generating enough voltage

I made a video of my problem https://instagram.com/p/Br3qJJ2BaxA/ is my unit defective? I am having to run the CV out of any sequence through my Frap Tools 321 to boost the signal where it actually modulates the 1v/o input on my Plaits, my Graphic VCO, or my Piston Honda mk3

there’s no real standard in eurorack about voltage range for 1v/oct…
hermod gives 10 oct -5v to +5v , plaits (iirc) is -3v to +5, so will not pitch shift between -5 to
-3v ( C0 to C2)

so you can transpose your sequencer up, into the range plaits accepts,
(various ways, play higher, or use transpose on scale)
then on plaits you can can adjust the range it uses with frequency, or also the range mode on plaits.

(you obviously only get 8 octaves, but that’s a limitation on plaits (and other MI iirc) not hermod)

sorry dont know GVCO or PH, id assume similar features, as just a eurorack thing :wink:


I get that but it wasn’t what was happening. Something was stuck somehow. I don’t know how better to describe it. It just wasn’t working no matter how high up I went with the low note on any of these oscillators unless I ran it through 321 or 3xMIA and really ramped up the signal.

However, it’s now working. My best guess as to how I fixed it: I switched the track to Modulation and played a bunch of notes through that way then switched back to Notes and boom. Now it is working again with these modules without issue.

Odd edge case bug?

Ive only had my a couple of weeks, and not had an issue with it during that time.
(but I did get caught out about using low notes, hence why I mentioned it :slight_smile: )

seems odd that it worked for some oscillators not others, that why i assumed it was a voltage range issue.

anyway, i guess you’ll just have to keep an eye on it… as doesn’t sound ‘normal’
perhaps if it happens again, use a voltmeter or scope, and see what’s going on the output.

I don’t understand why Hermod don’t generate standard 0-10V 1V/oct.
If you want use it with analogic module, you juste can use 5 octaves (0-5V).
It’s realy a bad thing :frowning: