Hermod + Bugs…Not saving midi fx parameters

Potential bug(s)
Ive noticed some of the fx are not alway saving the parameters after re-saving project. Have noticed on load up that scales mode is defaulting to a specific scale usually Dorian C minor in my case and not saving what I intially saved.
Fx slots are copied over when starting a new sequence? Shouldnt all tracks and fx slots be empty when selecting a blank unused sequence?
Have recently experienced double triggering of notes, even without any of the fx that might do that like ratchet, delay. Only scale is fx selected on said sequence, have even cleared the step to re-write and at random will double trigger.

I come from a few years use with og hermod and know it pretty well, hope these all get fixed soon.

I think #2 is by design with hermod+, and I actually prefer the new way. You can change fx params at a per pattern level, or globally now. Whereas before there was no global if I remember correctly and to me was a pain that the fx didn’t copy to a new sequence.

Two bugs have been identified specifically with the SCALE effect, which are #1 and #3 on your list.
We’re working on releasing a new firmware soon.

Correct. The independent fx chain per sequence was a huge pain-point for many many users.

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