Hermod Bug Report

I don’t know if there’s a better place to post bugs I’ve seen, but I figured I’d start here!

  1. saving a project while the clock is going causes a hiccup and messes up the beat
  2. when a track is muted, its steps cleared, and re-recorded, it doesn’t auto-unmute like on a fresh recording
  3. sometimes notes sustain indefinitely in MIDI out, eg. when recording overlapping notes over an existing track, when changing sequences.

(I’ve seen all the above happen while the clock is going)

Hi, thanks for this report! We will work on it soon and release a new firmware.

To report an issue, the best is to send us an email to contact(at)squarp(dot)net, with a procedure.
Have a great day!

It has been said in another thread but saving modulation routings to anything but midi does NOT save. Major hiccup when you’re done creating a complex sequence and you have to re-do the routings overtime you switch the modular off :frowning_face:. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update.

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