Hermod awesome feature recommendations

Hello Hermod team and forum-goers. I have some really cool, rather easy feature suggestions.

  1. Legato mode for CV pitch with GLIDE effect
    In Legato mode, Hermod will ignore MIDI chords, instead randomly choosing one of the played notes and outputting only that one on the CV track. When a new note is played while another has already been playing, the pitch output will be changed to that note with/without a new gate being sent (GATE RETRIG: ON/OFF). This is already there, except the GLIDE effect responds to every note instead of overlaid notes. An easy way to implement this would be to introduce LEGATO as a yes/no option, making the GLIDE parameter slew only the CV of overlaid notes and not as a slew on the whole CV output.

  2. 2 Voice Note + Aftertouch
    Make available the option to create a 2-voice track setup that only has Note and Aftertouch instead of having to waste a third track on Velocity to unlock Aftertouch. This will be very nice for ROLI, Continuum and other pressure-sensitive controller users as well as for LFO Effects that are on the main Note track that can target the Aftertouch track for output.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Seeing as this thread never received an answer, I am reviving it with more feature suggestions.

As said before,

  1. Legato mode in GLIDE effect
  2. Note + Aftertouch option in 2-Voice tracks
  3. Chance to Ratchet in RATCHET Effect
  4. Fix ROLI notes getting stuck!!! We’re at 1.42 and it’s still happening!
  5. MOD effect that allows LFO or drawn modulations, that will only modulate effects and not be sent out of any outputs.

Squarp have said all feature requests should be posted via their website


Thank you I sent them :slight_smile: