Hermod as iPad interface?

Will Hermod work as a USB interface with an iPad?

Considering the Pyramid does I’d say so.

Have you gotten the Pyramid to work with Ipad? I have the USB3 camera connector and the original dongle. Neither works for me, the screen flickers, then dies.

You need to power the Pyramid separately. I use an Endorphin.es Shuttle Control between them to solve that problem

Using the USB3 camera connector, I should be able to provide power to both the ipad and the pramid. Has anyone been successful this way?

I could connect a midi interface to the ipad and use it with the pyramid that way, but then my ipad is losing power…

The Pyramid draws too much power.

I had Pyramid and iPad connected to a powered hub and it worked fine…

This is a good solution

Were they able to talk to each other? Were you able to use the Pyramid to sequence your ipad synths?

Hi, yes I was.
I think the problem is not enough power. One way is to use the powered USB hub.
Everything is plugged in, including the sound card.
I had midi keyboards, Pyramid, and Digitakt plugged in and the hub went in CCK plug and in iPad.

Try that, see if it works for you.

Yeah - use the newer, powered camera connector combined with a powered hub and one of those beefier power supplies (not the little iPhone one) then AUM and/or Audiobus to route your midi. Works like a charm!

Also if you own iconnect A4+ you can use your PC and iPad at the same time.
I have Zoom u24 and can use one or the other.
I am talking about running things in sync etc.
The powered usb hub doesn’t have to cost a lot, just good quality from a reputable company and minimum 4 ins.