Hermod Appreciation-what you like abt it!

From the obvious things like the midi effects, i think its time to mention the cool tricks you can do with hermod, the ones you discover after playing around with it for a minute…

The midi hub-this works exactly as its promised! I can have live synchronise hermod via host device. Live immediately sees hermod and with a mpc live patched into the midi port and the midi through to the deviceport, i can actually program a softsynth on live while recording my eurorack audio simultaniously. There‘s a chord function on the mpc and by looking at the scale effect on my hermod channel i was able to very quickly be in ‚tune‘ with the rest of my composition,damn-these two machines work great together! And hermods miditiming is tight!!! Mpc live is tight only as the master😢 but its very easy to switch master/slave with hermods possibillities-thnx!

One of the greatest features in hermod is the abillity to be really clever when you want to perform live. Most things are switchable very intuitively and i actually encourage you to do so, 1 cool trick i stumbled across is to clone a sequence and then change settings in the midi effects of the clone-like this you have variations of things very quickly…i love doing this with arpegiator settings. Another thing i realised is the power of having midi effects set up prior to recording, instead of recording and then setting midi effects-this is quite simply changing the concept of composing at the very beginning-thnx!

These two concepts are maybe simple but they reassure my inital trigger to buy a hermod-what are your tricks?

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I thought I’d resurrect this old thread since no-one had replied. :slight_smile:

I got the Hermod about 6/8 weeks ago and I feel the recent firmware updates have made it a very powerful and flexible module within my 204hp case. Firstly, midi in and out is extremely simple to set up - it just works. I also love how midi effects can influence midi in as well as cv / midi out. The effects are good though I’m hoping they are expanded upon over time. For example, the Pyramid has a bunch of Arpeggiator modes which would be welcomed in the Hermod.

Probably the most ear opening moment I’ve had so far with the Hermod was modding an arpeggiator with CV, changing both the rate of the arp and transposing notes in the scale. With CV input I was able to sculpt (or randomize) melodies and rhythms. Since then Marbles has left my case—Hermod can pretty much do an equivalent (if not better) job than Marbles. YMMV.

The effects are super powerful in that regard, though I would prefer if the Mod Matrix worked a little different. Currently if you Mod Matrix an effect parameter then the parameter changes to a default state. Eg: with the Arp rate, assigning it to the Mod Matrix sets it to 1/1 (assuming you have CV in to 0-5v). Instead I would prefer the Mod Matrix to work from whatever value you have set already, it seems more logical and follows most conventions of modulation found in other modules and instruments.

That’s my only gripe really. The screen doesn’t bother me, it’s fine. And considering how powerful Hermod can be, the menu diving is really kept to a minimum. It’s surprisingly fast to operate.

I look forward to more updates and (hopefully) more features.

Great work @squarpadmin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Kid Yo.

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I’ve had the Hermod for a few weeks. It’s really versatile. The firmware updates from last December solved some problems right off the bat. If the developers keep adding features/effects/workflow improvements slowly over time, I could see this product having a long life. I bought it originally to bring the Digitone sequencer’s MIDI tracks into Eurorack, and it performs that task pretty flawlessly, but I’ve had so much fun bringing CV/gate streams in through A-D and splitting them up into multiple voices with harmonization, arpeggiation, transposition modulation, etc, that I’ve had a hard time getting back to the Digitone. Hermod is really excellent.


Ive had mine for about 3 weeks so far … and really love it :slight_smile:

I read a lot about the Hermod before getting it, and was concerned about some of the criticism, but in the end decided as long as I knew its ‘limitations’ then thats ok, I can focus on what it does well.

what Ive appreciated so far…

  • it’s an excellent midi to cv converter, lots of option for connectivity, and easy (with different projects) to have different setups/configurations. I love the fact I can host and power the pyramid from the Hermod over usb.
  • I love the way a “sequence” captures everything (unlike the pyramid, which mixes the same functionality between tracks n patterns.
  • The Euclid effect is great, a bit easier to use than the Pyramid Euclid mode.
    (in practice i actually like both, for different reasons, id love to see the Euclid effect added to the Pyramid)
  • Mod tracks are great, love being able to use for things like LFOs.
  • Startup, with defaults etc, when my Eurorack is powered up, it feels like Hermod is ready to go immediately.
  • Simple to use, Hermod is really flexible, yet I find it really easy to use and re-configure.
  • Leds indicators for cv output - very handy to know whats going on

I use it with a Pyramid, so I don’t use its manual sequencing functions that much , rather is midi-cv, effects, and recording (a little bit) - but honestly Ive only scratched the surface of ideas that I have for the Pyramid-Hermod combo.
… and Ive left a huge area unexplored, the mod matrix and CV input, this is something Im really looking forward to delving into!

I can understand the criticisms and wishes for other features, and for sure there are a few ‘extras’ I’d love,
but overall I think Squarp have done a great job of creating something that suits modular, rather than just be a Pyramid sequencer with more CV, its something different - something that is more immediate. Feels like a good balance between complexity and immediacy.