Help..with getting a count in?

OK guys - new to Pyramid having just got it today. Im using it with an RD2000, Fantom 7, Peak, Virus Ti2 and Deep Mind.

Ive figured all the basics out so far (a couple of head scratching moments) - BUT for the life of me I cant get the count in in live mode for recording. I have it set to 2 bars in settings - but it just comes straight in.
What am I missing?

Hi @paulmapp8306, how do you try to activate it?

Try this:

  • Got to LIVE mode
  • Stop the Pyramid
  • Press Rec
  • Press Play

Yeh - thats what Ive been doing, but it just starts with no actual count in. Ive set count in in the settings.

Ive seen vids where it works exactly as you say - but not on mine…

UNLESS. Its my first track. In the vids Ive seen a drum track already running for instance, and the count in is then on the second track. Can I not get a count in if its the first track in project? its the only thing I can think of.

If I press play, the steps start. If I press record then I can record into the pattern, and it loops and I can overdub.

Id I press record FIRST, then play, if goes straight onto the pattern, and I can record for one pass (however many bars Ive set the length to) then the record light goes out and its playback only. Cant overdub, can replace at that point.

OK - found the problem. I was syncing BPM as slave to my Fantom as master (as I use that for master BPM for my arps live across several devices). Seems Pyramid doesnt count in if its slaved… Bit of a PITA that.

Turning the clock sync off, and I get the count in. Not a BIG issue as Pyramid is not part of my live setup- its a fun at home unit. My synths will still sync from Pyramid if I turn sync output on as there all set to slave anyway - its only Fantom that wont by default, though I can turn it to slave should iI need.

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