Help with CV / Gate / Envelope outs - no signal

Hi all, I am new to the Pyramid; I just got a used model recently. I tested the unit using the DIN MIDI out to a drum machine and a MPC 1000, and everything worked just fine.

Today I moved on to trying out the CV, Gate and Envelope outs. I cannot seem to coax a signal out of any of these outputs. I laid down a pattern of four notes of C2 at 100 velocity (in Track mode). EDIT: It’s been pointed out to me elsewhere that I need to also change the output of the MIDI channel to CV/Gate!

I connected a 3.5 mm cable to the CV out and plugged it into a 1V/Octave input on a Eurorack VCO module. No changes in pitch when the track was running. I switched to the Gate out. Similarly, no jumps in voltage during play.

Then I thought I’d try the Envelope out because it’s assignable. I went into settings and assigned the CC of Modulation to the Envelope out. I returned to the track (in Track mode), pressed record and drew in CC #1 automation. I press play, but the VCO does not change. (By the way, I tried two VCOs and all their inputs, e.g. Sync, FM, CV where available; I tested the inputs with a known signal, specifically some LFOs, and verified that the inputs responded as expected; finally I settled on testing with the Ornament and Crime module because it also has an LED screen so I can see CV input if any are present.) Then I scrolled over to CC of Pressure, drew in automation, and went into settings to change the Envelope assignment to Pressure. Same results. Finally I scrolled over to CC of Velocity, drew in automation, and changed the settings of the Envelope assignment to Velocity. Again, no change.

As I said at the top, I am new to the Pyramid, but I have read the relevant parts of the manual and I am at a loss as to what I might be failing to do. Shouldn’t the CV and Gate outputs be sending signal without having to make any changes in settings? EDIT: But apparently, yes, I need to also change the output from MIDI to CV/Gate. And shouldn’t I be getting some change in voltage from the Envelope out corresponding to drawn in automation, providing it is set to output the associated CC?

Thanks for any help the forum community can offer.

Oh yes, setting the output of the track with the notes to go to the CV/Gate output channel is necessary. Each track can be routed to one of many potential outputs.

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Someone help me out with getting CV / Gate out? No signal is coming out. Been trying different settings for a hot min. Got it working for a second LOL but changed something and it stopped… Just got this thing yesterday of craigslist, digging it pretty hard.

depends what you are trying to do, and what you have tried :wink:

if you want cv/gate , for melodic purposes, then it is set the same way as you set a midi channel
see (looking under midi channel :sunglasses: )

clock is done differently…
this is done in the settings (cv/pedal)

note: settings->info allows you to monitor the cv input and output… this is very useful to diagnose issues.