Help: Multiple effect lines at once; Midi/CV


Been trying to figure this out, read the manual multiple times and searched the forum but could not find what I am doing wrong.

What I was to do is send an effect line to a hardware synth via midi, and send an other effect line to a module via CV. I can get it to work separately, but can’t figure out how to have both track (with their effect line) play at the same time,

I have the effects on track 1 being: [midi] [chance] [midi out] > going to a JU06
On track 2 I have [midi] [chance] [glide] > going to plaits

The notes are being sent from a sequence on an OP1

So if I select track + 1, the juno plays.
If i select track + 2, plaits plays.

How can I get both to play at the same time? Is there a way I can select 2 tracks at once?
What am I missing?

I just want to have multiple voice randomly latching themselves to the notes coming from the op1, but I want to have different effects on each voice, like different chance %, glide, etc.