Help! Is CV recording broken?

FW 1.6 here.
I rely a lot on Hermod as CV recorder. The situation for me now is this:
Example: I record filter cutoff modulation for a voice, into Hermod using an attenuator being fed 5 volts. Normally it works like a charm. Now, when I record, I hear what the CV does to the filter and all is fine, but as soon as I exit record, the CV that is now played back is completely garbled. What used to be a smooth bass sound, now has a weird broken digital flavour to it, because of the malfunction of CV playback.

I actually wanted to go back to an earlier version of FW, but there is only the newest. Why not let people choose which version to use? It can be such a lifesaver to be able to go back to a previous version.

link for 160 is

link for 150 is

but generally I keep a copy of previous firmware for hardware on my computer, esp early days of updates

(on hermod/pyramid , what i tend to do is rename the .bin file on the sdcard to something like hermod.150, when I copy the new version on to the sdcard)

Thanks. I rolled back to 1.5 and thank god, now CV recording again works as it should.

And the Hermod team has been notified. I would advise not to use 1.6 yet.

Have you heard anything regarding a fix? CV recording is one of the reasons I got a Hermod. I’m on 1.6 and have the same issue…

Squarp just wrote me, and said they would look into it as soon as possible.
But just use 1.5 untill they have fixed this bug.

Just want to say, that I am looking forward to getting version of 1.6 where cv recording works again.:pray:t2::grin:

Thanks! (Liking Hermod more and more every day.)

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If I test it correctly, then it also doesn’t record the signal normally from the modulation wheel (CC1).