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I am currently trying to send modulation out of pyramid into filter cutoff of moog grandmother. I go to settings, set follow track to the track1a, i set assign env out to modulation, then go to track 1a midi channel and set track 1a to cv/gate env modulation. now this is where it gets strange. if i assign the trackpad to to cc1/ modulation in live mode it works as expected. however i would like to draw the automation in step mode but whenever any of the steps are active in step mode it sends a high pitched buzz out for every step that is active as well as performing the modulation, i have found this buzz is present no matter what patch point i plug it into in the grandmother. if no steps are active no buzz, and to make things even weirder as soon as i switch out of step mode into any other mode the buzz stops no matter if steps are active or not, same applies if im in step mode on another track. so for instance if i draw the automation in step mode im hearing the buzz the whole time im doing it but after i switch out of step mode the buzz goes away and it performs the modulation as expected. not sure if there is some sort of malfunction, maybe im missing a setting somewhere, or they just dont want to play nicely but any help would be much appreciated

I am fairly certain that this is a ground loop issue. Is your Pyramid also plugged into a computer?

If you’ve got a USB phone charger lying around, a really quick check would be to unplug the Pyramid from your computer and plug the USB cable into that (or any other USB power supply) so that it’s powered directly from a mains socket, and retest. If it doesn’t do the buzzing anymore, then that’s your issue.

To get around the problem as a longer term solution, you need to isolate the USB communications with your computer from the USB power from your computer. Some powered USB hubs do this (but most don’t, in my experience) but you can buy special USB Y-cables that isolate the power and data parts.

Dreadbox do one here, although it will require an adapter for the Pyramid end, as it USB-B, rather than USB Mini - USB POWER/DATA splitter - Dreadbox Synthesizers
and Expressive E do one here, which is a bit more money, but was the one I used for years and doesn’t require any adapters - ground loop adaptor

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try to make your own from a couple of old USB cables, a soldering iron and with this schematic:

But I’d recommend just buying one.

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