Hello and a few noob questions


I am new to this community

I come from Australia.

So far everything has been really positive with my Pyramid and the dealings i have had with the Squarp team

I have had my Pyramid for a couple of months but due to working pretty hard have just recently tried to get in deeper with it and make it the centre piece of my set up

Just 2 questions, hopefully someone knows the answer

!/ Is there a way to change 2 tracks patterns at the same time. Eg I am in pattern mode in one track…its easy to change from pattern 1 to 2 on that track but is there a way to do the same for another track at the same time?

2/ I have encoder 1 assigned to program changes for my Elektron Rytm and AKeys working out pretty good but i think i would rather the pads for program changes

is there a way i can set Midi CC on the pads instead of the encoder? Eg program 5 corresponds with pad 5 etc?
And pad 5 would light up or blink or something to let you know where you are at with the program changes?

thanks for reading

cheers Leigh

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Ill try to answer as best I can.

  1. Sequences are the answer here. When you change patterns, they get linked to the sequence you are in. So activate a sequence, select the patterns you want for multiple tracks. Now when you activate that sequence, all those patterns get changed at the same time.
  2. It could be done, yes. There is a MIDI FX called “Note to CC”.
    This effect converts a note parameter value (note pitch or note velocity) to a selected CC message (or to the MIDI ”pitch bend”, ”aftertouch” or ” program change”).
    But would this be reliable enough? You need to try. I think you could use note pitch and send that to as the program change. Start with lower notes and see how Rytm/AKeys respond.

Hope this helps :wink:


Hi @joosep

thanks very much for your reply

1/ Works perfectly

2/ Nice, works great except the notes still sound when i am pressing the different pads, I am guessing there is a way to turn off notes for that individual Midi channel?

Edit: i found out that i can turn off receive note in my Rytm and AKeys settings however it would be still good to know if this is achievable on the pyramid settings as well if someone knows



  1. Doesnt the “Play note” in the Note to CC" MIDI FX do just that?
    If OFF, the inputed note will be filtered. If ON, the inputed note will be played.

Hope this helps :wink:

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awesome thats got it, i should of looked at it a bit more

thanks for that, i appreciate it