hapaxOS 1.11 - new firmware

There was a critical bug in 1.10, this release fixes it.



Just confirming this fixed the program select bug for me. Thanks for the speedy fix!


Thanks for the speedy fix.

must we use the SD card to update? can it be done by usb i dont have a SD reader currently

Yes, that is the only way

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Hi ,i have a strange bug since update to 1.11
USB device stop to work…only host
Am i alone with this trouble ?

Downgrade thé firmware change nothing…

USB device is working for me on OS 1.11 … (thankfully, it would be a major critical bug if it didn’t work as I primarily use USB device for my midi out).

Works fine here.

Seems like a problem further down the line in your setup, since downgrading also didn’t help?

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@Inex , Id echo this…

really if you downgrade to the old firmware, you’d expect the same behaviour as before…if this was a new firmware issue.
But, Im sure you figured this, hence why you tried the downgrade already :wink:

generally, there are two other (unlikely) scenarios that could affect this upgrade/downgrade.
the new firmware could save something in either the preferences or project that makes things go weird.
so you could try a new project and also a factory reset.

however, I will say this is extremely unlikely, so Im more saying this for ‘completeness’, rather than any expectation this is the issue… but if you have nothing else to try, it might be worth a go.

other than that it could be coincidence, that some unrelated issue is now creeping in with your setup… unfortunately ‘coincidences’ happen fairly regularly,
e.g. something just happens to stop working at the same time as we do something else… which can throw a bit of a curve ball, in understanding the issue.

what Id also try, is seeing if its just one particular usb device - so try something else.
once you have some more details, you can report it to Squarp via the contact form

Thanks s …yes very strange coïncidence…i try everything exept thé reset …i test soon thanks to your answer…

Hi,i don t found thé way to Factory reset…do you know how to do it?

Hello, I had my first bug " code 1567" please contact support" so I just tell you …
I think I was using cc automations
by the way it looks like automations recording from external synth pot wiggling is only recorded when looper is on . Not sure it makes sense ( to me looper is only used for first sequence length, I’d like to use automations whatever mode I’m in.

Please report bugs through the contact form below:

Time for a firmware update soon? :slight_smile: You’re doing a great job, love my Hapax!

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We’re doing what we can :sweat_smile: