Hapax -> Ocatrack Velocity -> Volume?

Hello fine Hapax friends. I received one of the first batches of Hapax’s and have been using it as the brains for all of my tracks this year. It replaces the midi portion of the Octatrack in this area, however the one thing I have been unable to hack is transforming midi velocity from the Hapax into Volume CC on the OT.

Basically, the sampler side of the OT doesn’t respond to midi velocity, and historically I have had a midi processor (midihub or MRCC) do processing on the OTs specific channel, converting Vel information to Volume (CC 07) . The inline processor option is fine but cumbersome and breaks whenever I change my midi routing topology.

The big complication is that I am using a drum track to control multiple channels on the OT. So I can use the matrix to convert velocity to CC07 on the main channel, but the rest of the channels dont get that conversion.

Do any other OT+Hapax users have any hacks to get this to work with just the hapax and some midi FX?

like you, these are the kind of reasons I keep a (blokas) midihub around.

there are enough inconsistencies in midi implementations (esp older equipment like OT), where a midi processor often comes in very handy.
(and, like the pyramid, I see the FX as effects, not ever being full on midi processors, so not real overlap for me)

anyway, you can send an FR to squarp via the contact form, if you want to get them to considering allowing the matrix to use the ‘note channel’ on the drum tracks.
or even bring back the note->cc fx from the pyramid, this might feel ‘more natural’ to use the note channel, and leaving mod matrix to work on the global channel.

anyway, chat with Squarp via the contact form, and they can consider best approach, and priority etc.


If you don’t want a full midi processing solution, you might want to have a look at RK-002 cable.
You can program it to convert velocity to Cc and keep this cable attached to you OT. That would simplify your setup https://retrokits.com/rk-002/