Hapax not saving Sync out settings

Has anyone else noticed their Hapax not saving sync out settings? It seems to remember CV/Gate Sync settings that I’m sending to my modular system but not clock/transport I’m sending on midi channel D to my Digitakt or clock out on channel C which I’m sending to clock my Prophet 6, these I have to set up again each time the Hapax is turned on. Am I missing something?

Settings are not saved automatically, have you saved them manually?

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There is a “save” function in the settings screen. It took me two weeks to see it, too :slight_smile:


Damn I did not notice this also, thanks!

:bulb: And if You use HAPAX in different device combinations or scenarios:
as Sync settings are saved on the SD card with all other settings You are able to change settings easily per setup if You store on different SD cards! :nerd_face:


Ahhh thanks, not sure how I missed this as it was right in front of me!

Glad I used the search function as I was about to post the same question.

Why didn’t search for this ‘problem’ sooner :laughing: