Hapax not keeping sync / bpm (solved)

My multiclock is sending midi out to my hapax accurately and the bpm on the screen is 10-15bpm too high.

Also now I’ve realized it’s applying a crazy swing to everything because of the issue. Wtf.

The hapax keeps time with a manual metronome at the multi clocks bpm (120), it’s just dancing around the screen completely incorrectly.


I also use a multiclock as a master-clock (Hapax slaved) and it’s absolutely stable for me. How did you wire it up and where are you sending the metronome to? Almost sounds like a loop!

The metronome is just manually set when I press play.

Ableton sending multiclock source directly for clock sync.

Ableton and multiclock and electrons all read the same bpm.

Meanwhile the hapax is being synced directly
From the multiclock and it’s displaying on the screen way off but audibly keeping sync of all sources even the manually started metronome.

It’s very strange. It’s acting like it’s functions fine but the bpm meter is all over the place.

Might be a bug? What happens if you disconnect everything and sync it to something else?

It had the same behavior when it was slaved to just an elektron device.

very strange

Did you try a factory reset?

Figured it out, it was receiving midi feedback.