Hapax headphones out

Hello, I have just received my Hapax, I would like to know where the outputs are for my speakers or for my headphones? Thanks

Hapax is a sequencer with no internal sound generating capabilities so there is nowhere to plug a pair of headphones into it.


Thank’s for response. I have a Digitakt can you help me for connect this with hapax for use headphone on a digitakt ?

Hi there - reading the manual and watching some beginner videos will go a long way to helping you get started with both the Digitakt and Hapax

a good start for understanding how the Hapax will connect with your current gear would be the Loopop video below

along with some thorough reading of the Hapax manual website which includes links to the quickstart guide and the full manual: Hapax Manual | Squarp instruments


Did this seriously just happen? :eyes:

Or are we being trolled?


Must be a troll… :slight_smile:

Or perhaps it is time to sell Hapax, Digitakt and any other gear?.. :smiley:

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Trolled, or perhaps a newbie that now feels a little embarrassed.

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Thing is, you actually can plug your headphones into the Hapax (into one of the CV outputs) and hear the Metronome, if you set it up in the Settings.


Or stick it into trs type a midi out (D) and listen to midi messages. Double-stop message is especially amusing for the left audio channel :smiley:

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Haha, I never wondered how midi messages actually sound. But off course they have a sound. Must try.:grin:


It can also be used as a lo-fi recorder by putting audio on CVin.


Just to update: Today I made a loop with three different sound sources, all from Hapax. Yes, as in Hapax alone actually making the audio.:grin:
One channel was gates. Using Rolls it is easy to get up in the audio range.
Second channel was two LFOs, one modulating the other.
And thirdly, midi itself. A lot of notes and a bit of CC.
All sound is then tempo dependant and you get the best range of audio, if you use a really fast tempo but count it half-time.
Yes, all quite silly, but sometimes gold nuggets can be found when using gear the wrong way.:man_shrugging:t3:


i love this so much

Merci pour vos réponses.

Je suis content d’avoir fait rire les plus cynique d’entre vous.

Je vend donc mon hapax 1100 euros.

bye Squarp.

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sorry, @willbx , I agree the tone was “a bit off” from some users… (sorry I missed it when posted)
please, stick around, there are many very helpful members of the community, that will help you get to where you want to be.

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@willbx it’s a shame if you choose to quit, because you are entering the world of MIDI at a particular place and time. It’s very ripe now and Hapax is a dream sequencer of the sort no one could have envisioned 20 years ago. There are other great products around, of course, but this one has a particular flavor. There’s a litterally endless unexplored territory, a limitless playground for you to have fun in. Create happy accidents with it!

Don’t listen to the sarcastic voices. If I may, I would recommend you buy a MIDI-capable synth, anything will do, a Volca FM2 for instance, and start playing it with the Hapax. It’s really, really good!


I’m here because of Volcas.
I had a Volca Drum. Then a Volca Sample. Then a Volca FM. Couldn’t work with their sequencer limitations so I bought a Pyramid. And eventually a Hapax.
One day I’ll figure out what the heck I’m doing.

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