Hapax Drone Tips?

Anyone have tips for creating drones with Hapax? Right now I’m just making one really long note but can’t help thinking there must be an easier way that I’m overlooking.

Yes, I do realize I can make a short note and crank the amp release knob to 11… :stuck_out_tongue:

not make the note “long”.
make it “inf”. :wink:


Whelp, that was a hard one to miss now that I see it. :man_facepalming:

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Yep, INF is made for this specifically.
One of us in the team insisted we implement this, because they love drones :smile:


Well, tell them I said “thanks”!


Same! Drone mode is necessary!

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An alternative is also using the “HOLD/RELATCH” functionality of the LIVE mode.
You can easily ‘play’ your drone this way, rather than program it.
Notes will stop on STOP, and play again on PLAY. They will be saved with the project. They will get cleared with a triple-STOP.

One is not necessarily better than the other, it’s a different workflow.


Oh, awesome tip, I’ll have to try it! Thanks again!

Use LFOs and modulation lanes to add timbral interest.

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