Hapax and Bitwig CC modulators

Hi there!

I just received my new Hapax, I love it! But something is driving me nuts.

I want to control software synths with the different Hapax CC options.
The best way seems to use Bitwig CC modulators then target the parameters you want to modulate, and voilà.

But, the Cc modulators only recognises CC1 :scream:
Manual mapping on any Bitwig parameters recognises the Hapax CCs though.

Does anybody would know why CC modulators in Bitwig only recognise CC1?

sounds like a question better asked on the bitwig forum (kvr?)

generally you have to set the CC on the CC modulator… its a parameter, which you can also learn.

assuming you have done this… you a midi monitor to actually make sure you are getting what you expect into Bitwig.

also be aware of the rather esoteric way that bitwig handles controllers…
Bitwig does NOT just pass CCs thru the way you’d expect (e.g. like Live/Cubase etc) … controllers have ‘mappings’ - you can write your own controller script to get around this (or possibly can find one thats shared)
unfortunately, Bitwig ‘controller scripts’ are more geared towards to master controllers with fixed number of knobs… rather than just passing thru whatever CC its gets.

(its an odd design decision, but one that has always been there on bitwig… midi channels are even more annoying ;))

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I asked for some help on the Bitwig Discord server. No solution yet.

I monitored midi with the DrivenByMoss tool, CCs are recognised. Even for manual mapping. But not CC in grid and CC modulators and that’s weird.

You might be right about the design decisions. I’ll inspect further, but if any Bitwig users here can share their experience with the Hapax, I’ll be happy to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, iirc , midi learn is different from controller support…

I believe this is explained in the bitwig manual.
basically the different between ‘track midi’ and automation midi.

in fairness, there is bit of a difference in Ableton Live in this too… and also in vsts too
but it’s much less intrusive, than it is in bitwig.

btw: bare in mind you can ‘learn’ modulators, so you can use that as an alternative.

honestly, its difficult to talk about this ‘generally’… as Id really need to see what you are trying to do… and then set up a similar project with the Hapax… both bitwig and hapax are powerful/complex, so many different ways to get things working !

but the good news is… I didnt have any issues combining hapax and bitwig… but then again I was aware of the ‘quirks’ of bitwig :wink:


I’m just trying to control everything I can in Bitwig from the Hapax :smiley:
Concerning my problems with CCs, I want to make Instrument selectors for each of much tracks and then use the CC modulator to control parameters on the VST I’m using.

Solution if anyone is interested: use Midi Keyboard generic configuration instead of controller. Everything works fine now.


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