Hapax -> Ableton sequencing

I recently am getting my gear all setup in a purposeful manner after getting the new Audiofuse 16Rig and Hapax and have most of it working except one issue with Ableton. I am running Hapax Midi USB B to a USB Hub into my Mac. Ableton can see it and I can use it to receive midi from Hapax but the option to specify the channel isn’t working.

So while I can use the notes to make a drum track in Hapax and control 8 different drum sounds. If I also sequence a melodic synth track the midi events are going to both midi tracks in Ableton. Any advice would be appreciated.

what os? and usb ‘device’ is the port youre using?

when you say the option to specify channel do you mean on the hapax or in live?

i have mine connected to my pc that way and it works no problems

I’m on Catalina. Forget if its host or device will check next time I’m home and post screen shots, but I am able to send midi to Ableton and can receive from Ableton on a specific channel over USB. It’s only on setting the Input MIDI from Hapax in Ableton the only option is ALL CHANNELS. I can specify the channel on the Hapax too for that USB Device track.

Actually from doing some searching it looks like it might be due to me having selected MPE on the Ableton midi settings which require all MIDI channels. Will confirm and update here in case anyone else is confused in the future

i was asking what os on hapax and what usb port on hapax. theres host and device

That’s probably what’s causing your issue.

Processing: Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 12.38.16 PM.png…
Processing: Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 12.38.44 PM.png…
Yes that was the issue, deselect MPE from Ableton fixed it. Just posting these screenshots in case anyone else faces it in the future and is perplexed

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