Guitarists,Singers etc.. come to your house (trust me they are a breed unto themself

Do not leave them unattended ! They can and will alter your synths and your squarp faster than (ok not as fast) than your 80 year old mom can get 500 yards to the other side of a walmart(which take approximately 30 seconds) the time it takes you to go take a leak the damage is done.ya gotta love em .wish i had toddlers doing the damage problem they all don’t press the record button.
solution…if ya gotta pee arm the recorder and just press least ya say to the toddler "press this red button "and they will.guaranteed you’l get sonic gold on tape.not so with guitarist,singers and those know it alls so bewaware.

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:grin::rofl::grin::rofl::grin: .

Guitarist for 20 or so years and I was a voice major (classical).
What’s your point?
We like to turn knobs! :slight_smile:

yeah, i NEVER touch a synth or other gear without permission first. although, i started with synths and have only picked up guitar and singing in the last couple of years :stuck_out_tongue:

Long story short .I have a dear friend very talented etc… comes over (excellent guitarist,singer,keyboardist …a pro.Loves the space shuttle dials and pedals…of course he can mess about…just PRESS the record button …5 minutes later yup that was fun and sounded really cool did he press the record button ? Nope. .couple days later another dear friend of mine comes over (singer) now he got his little one with em.Of course the dials and cables and oh baby that looks complicated! Of course ya play it man …procceeds…sounds cool…Did he press the record button?Nope.The little wants to try…no problem be gentle…“ok” the sequencer has recorded the notes and the little devil is just turning dials and sounding really cool…Dad asks how’d ya do that…little devil turns chest out hand on hip…DAD your supposed to press the record button.! PRICELESS.

I’d never touch another person’s instrument of any description without their permission first, especially guitars. Even upright pianos that have lived in a hallway for 20yrs, still ask before tinkling.
And as an owner of precious things, when I’ve had others over to play I’ve always said “you are playing this and this only!” while brandishing a wooden school ruler to smash wondering fingers!

Well maybe that last bit about the ruler never happened but I did have a rep of being “stingy” with what I’d allow others to play and I believe it was with good reason after someone split a beer on my MS-20 (down the back but still, they split a beer on it!).

that’s why no beer near the gear.fried amps stink and costed me hundreds $ but it was in clubs when drunky goes up on stage but …they even lean on speaker towers that fall and cost $$$…
More of real life that happened that made me laugh so hard my gut hurt.