Grid/snap/gate length

Is there any setting in the step mode to set the note length to other lengths, like 3/4 step or is there a step sequencer gate length control or something like that? Is there a fine tune control of the length or is it only 1 step or 1/2 etc?

Is it also possible to quantise recorded notes automatically to a set grid?
I only found a quantise option as an effect?

  1. If you zoom in past the normal 16 steps per screen, then you can adjust the gate length of a step small than a single step.

  2. The Quantise FX is the only quantising option. It will automatically play any notes quantised to a grid if its enabled. Note this is non-destructive and doesn’t “stamp” it’s effect to the recorded notes. If you want it permament you need to faff around with midi and record the stream to another track.

Thanks! I will try that! Not sure how you would be able to put 3/4 step length notes in yet, but I will try to figure this out :slight_smile:

Didn’t realise that the quantise fx effect all new notes as well in realtime, but that’s perfect!

read 3/4 step, as 3 steps at a quarter of the current zoom i.e. if you are at /4 zoom, switch to /16 and enter a note of length of 3.

you’ll notice if you go back to /4 it reports it as 1/2, rather than 3/4 , i think thats a bug , @squarpadmin ?

the key thing, which surprised me when I first played with step length on the pyramid , was step length is length at the current zoom level, rather than an absolutely size … it makes sense and is powerful, but surprised me none the less.

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Thats how the UI is setup right now.

Its better to understand these not as steps, but just as notes. The view depends on the zoom and time signature. Just as you would with a sheet.

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yeah, I just realised, they have display for 1/N , so can do 1, 1/2, 1/4 , 1/8 but not 3/N … and of course you could get into 5/16 etc, so its just a ‘rounding’ anomaly - perhaps they will change, it would help with the ‘visualisation’ if it reported other fractions …

but at the end of the day, its only a small display rounding thing, so no worries.

Too bad I can’t just enter 3/4 or 7/8 steps while in normal (4) zoom mode… would be a nice feature and I’m surprised this isn’t possible on one of the most powerful sequencers…