Global effects, an option to have effects on track 16 to act as global

Really happy with the device as is. In the current v1.0 firmware, the 8 effects on each track and the possibility of locking values per pattern is already incredible.

And yes, I know this might not be possible because of the software architecture and all of that but in case is possible and people is interested on this…

The idea is that there would be an option that when turned on the effects on track 16 would become 8 additional effects and run after each tracks onw effects. Exactly the same idea as master track in Octatrack but with midi effects.

I think it would be super cool for performance fx, you could easily and momentarily randomize, filter, Euclid everything add the same time a bit like control all digitakt.

I would as well solve the global vs track swing conversation since it would simply allow for both types and even combinations of both. For example you could have a global swing of a certain value but then have one of the tracks have another swing with greater value.

Is probably to complex implementation or not possible in terms of computing power but hey I need to at least try…

What do you guys think?

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I’m quite surprise no one else has interest on this…

EDIT: I just noticed this post wasn’t on the HAPAX forum category and hopefully now is a bit more visible.

I mean, this is a cool idea, but why not just ask for global effects instead of asking for there to be a special track with a special mode where the track’s effects affect everything globally?

Because I’d love global effects!

Since you still need to process each track separately and send to its output, I think that 1 FX on track 16 would actually have to be 15 FX … and each track only reserves 8 slots, which could be full at the time. So perhaps a more easily achievable version would be to be able to populate a track FX slot with another track’s existing FX (and link the controls)? Harder to set up for all tracks at once, but more flexible because you can only apply to some tracks

For sure I personally would love to have global fx in any form.

The idea of track 16 is just one possible way to implement. I though it was interesting in terms of not adding any new screens or shortcuts. This could help to keep it immediate and intuitive.

But of course any other implementation of global fx would be super welcome!

The need of double amount of processing in total is most likely what it would happen although it might depend on how is implemented though.
I know midi is not the same but the way I was thinking about it similar to audio send effects, each track would be summed(still going to have their own unique midi channels) and then apply the global fx to the summed stream of midi events. Probably not possible but just in case.

Very interesting what you said Phil, actually it could be more or less how you are describing but automatic. To keep the same processing amount as it currently does but with the option of global fx.

One way to keep the same processing amount could be simple reduce both trackFX and globalFX to 4 slots each.
1 An option in the settings menu to turn on an off global effects (instead of 8 fx slots it could be just 4)
2 Ask then an option per track to apply global effects or not.
3 When global on on a track the last for fx slots are disabled since they will be internally used as globals.

I like that too … maybe even be able to set the number of “send slots” to any arbitrary number instead of fixed at 4?

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I think an underlying assumptions here, that midi fx work like audio fx… that is as a ‘stream’ of events that flow thru. Ive a suspicion that often for midi fx that is not true, esp, those that are working on changing timing (like swing) … I suspect this is why Delay FX was ‘delayed’.

I think as I mentioned on the other (swing) topic, I think Squarp are likely to implement this as global control over existing track fx… so the ability to alter ALL the swing at the same time, in one place.
(or a variant on this, but still that essentially we are using the track fx slot)

I also think, you are more likely to get what you want, if you explain to them the use-case , rather than trying for ‘I want any effect to be global’… which ones are actually useful… e.g. I cannot see Harmonizer being useful as a global fx… but things like Swing, yes…

anyway, overall, Id say talk to Squarp, put out a feeler to them about what they believe is possible…
no real point in having a huge discussion about how great global fx will be, if Squarp turn around and say not going to happen… or we are already working on something in this area.

( e.g. I suspect they might be working on swing, since this was on the Pyramid… so are obviously aware of the use-case)

Sounds great! That would be even nicer for sure! Actually sometimes could be interesting to use all fx as global for vey random generative stuff. It would be only on the selected tracks so a lot of potential in there imo.

In the settings the global fx could be just a number instead of a toggle so that turn on/off but also sets the number of them. No extra parameters which is nice.

I’m not looking for a long discussion, just trying to gather some thoughts and ideas from others before I’ll fill a form to squarp with the suggestions.

Anyway, I will write Squarp today, thanks Phil and Cowboy for your ideas!


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