Getting Pyramid to send a non-MIDI clock out

I am trying to get an analog external FX unit to sync to Pyramid.

The external FX unit manual says it will accept between 2 Volts and 9 Volts to sync, nominal being about 5 Volts.

If I connect Pyramid “GATE OUT” to the FX unit “CLOCK IN” will it work by itself ?
Or do I need to create a “sync track” with just 4 quarter notes set to output to gate ?

Do I need to set other Pyramid parameter settings ?

For syncing an external analog unit to Pyramid, what would be the difference between using “GATE OUT” and “CV OUT (ENV)” ?

I played with this a while ago with eurorack (into hermod)… as far as i remember…

the choices are:

as you say, entering notes on a track at the frequency you want

assign env out to DIN SYNC
this allows you to set the time, using the DIN SYNC option
you can also also get it to send whilst the transport is not running

assign env out to SYNC + START ,
same as (b) but GATE OUT is used for ‘running indicator’

iirc, I was using © for a while - however, I found the sync was not any tighter than I was getting via midi - which was more convienient, so reverted to midi clock :slight_smile:

hmm, thinking about this… it might be fun to use the GATE OUT method with Hermod’s new(ish) step advance mode… (which only works with cv input)

Thanks !
I am a bit lost (still a newbie as far as CV, gate, etc…).
I have to use one of the Pyramid mini jack outs ( GATE OUT, CV OUT, CV OUT (ENV)).
So I could not use option 2 since it relies on DIN connection.

Option 3 could work if it relies on one of the mini jacks outs, but where can I “assign env out to SYNC + START” ? I can’t find that setting…
Would it send when transport is stopped ?

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