FR: 3/8 MIDI delay


Recently got me a Pyramid, and it’s great! Very powerful and well thought-out piece of gear.

I was therefore very surprised that the MIDI delay doesn’t provide a 3/8 (or 3/16) option. We all know how useful it is :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it can be implemented - I mean, it doesn’t require any changes in the UI, just another option in a list.

What do you think?

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I think if you sent a message to they would have a more cogent answer for you but I have my suppositions… Here they are.

The delay doesn’t appear to have anything other than 1/ and I believe this is for a logical reason. I believe (though I am terrible at math) that 3/8 or 3/16 would divide down to one of the options that appear in the list. The divisions above 1/64 approach audio range and therefore tend to be less performatically useful.

Yes, it might just be another addition to a list, but it’s an addition that has to sit next to [on an encoder] and play nicely with music wise the other options around it.

I am literally schizophrenic so please take these suppositions with a grain of salt… They may be somewhat correct or entirely off base…