Filter CLOCK from MONITOR messages?

Is there a way to filter out CLOCK messages from the MIDI MONITOR messages so that you do not see them in the display?

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unfortunately not, but would definitely be a useful option !

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I emailed squarp directly about this.

They replied that there is a way: “Simple, just turn the clock sync off in the Settings.” :frowning_face:
…not exactly the answer I was hoping for. A filter would be really be super useful, but it sounds unlikely that they’ll implement it. The clock message renders it fairly useless for actually monitoring anything other than that the clock is working.
I’d personally opt for clock out messages to be permanently filtered.

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Yeah it’s been a FRQ in the past to filter on this page.
However, if you really need to monitor stuff and don’t wanna see clocks, temp disabling midi clock in does sounds like a pretty good workaround.

Thank you! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

1+ for this FRQ!