FILL IN using PLAY button

I love my Fill In option on my TR-808 and using it through Pyramid midi I really mess this function…
I think will be simple to implemented as a PLAY button option to choose: now you can pause or replay quickly …but would be cool if play it and hold it start a FILL IN pattern pre recorded and (if the memory can do it) holding it we can see every fill in composed on every pad blinking, like 4 pads like the the 808 as 4 last button as 4 fill in…

Let me know if you understand and what do you think…


Yes, a Fill-In feature would be really great…
instead of using the Play button and thinking about memory use for a whole new feature
how about just specify a “Fill-In caracter” for some patterns?
(since we already have up to 32 patterns per track, we can use them for that)

So, when a “fill-in pattern” is launched, it plays normaly, except at the end, it goes back to the previous (“normal”)pattern played on this track

We could also have a “switch pattern MIDI FX”(as it was suggested in the old forum)
so we can automatize this kinds of fill-in behaviour (and other cool usages for pattern switching)



oh shit, this is such a great idea! The midi effect angle would be a killer way to implement this. How great to have a function that lets you choose which pattern it will switch to (pattern #_, previous, next, random)

I realize that one could use SEQ for this, but as someone who prefers live jamming and getting things happening in real time, the SEQ mode is too much setup at this point to create something as simple as a drum fill if I’m the moment and just creating something on the fly.

–on a side note, a pattern mutator would be a welcome midi effect. I love the chance fx, but something that would slowly alter the pitches (think conway’s game of life or a random pattern generator that generates a new midi pattern after a designated # of repeats)–

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It’s day one with my Pyramid and I’m still learning about the relationship between tracks/patterns and sequences/tracks. Nothing I read in the docs has prepared me for the actuality of how it’s setup. My preconceived notions about sequencing in general have caused some confusion still.

I would like a pattern effect/machine. I think currently the way you have to change what patterns play in what sequence in TRACK mode just isn’t very intuitive and having a machine that could make little chains of patterns would be helpful. Not sure how it would be implemented but I like where the idea is going.